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Project Groove DJs Offer…

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  • QUALITY SERVICE WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH! When you call Project Groove, you will get to speak to your DJ personally, so you will know your DJ’s personality from the start!  Your DJ will also travel to meet with you prior to your event to be sure that every detail is exactly as you wish!
  • INTERACTIVE DJ PERFORMANCES! When many other DJs just stand behind their equipment and push buttons, Project Groove is performing for it’s audience and encouraging participation. Project Groove does more than just play music, we engage, interact and entertain!!
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND SYSTEM! Project Groove utilizes a top of the line mobile DJ set up with a complete back up sound system to ensure that the music will keep on grooving!
  • MUSIC, MUSIC AND MORE MUSIC! Project Groove has over 75,000 songs to choose from and we are adding more every day to keep up with the current hits!  We have music from every genre and our music is always radio edited to ensure that no inappropriate music is played at your event.  Plus, requests are always welcomed with Project Groove!  We want to make sure that our audience gets to hear what they want, not just what the DJ likes to play!
  • COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE PACKAGES! Project Groove has various combinations of DJ and lighting packages that will be perfect for the type of event that you are planning!  We have some sample packages on our “Packages” page to get you started, but all of these packages can be completely customized based on your needs and your budget!

The Billboard Hot 20

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  1. Born This Way – Lady Gaga
  2. E.T. – Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West
  3. S&M – Rihanna  
  4. F**k You (Forget You) – Cee Lo Green
  5. Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas
  6. Loser Like Me – Glee Cast
  7. F**kin’ Perfect – Pink
  8. Look At Me Now – Chris Brown Ft. Lil’ Wayne & Busta Rhymes
  9. Grenade – Bruno Mars
10. Down On Me – Jeremih Ft. 50 Cent
11. Blow – Ke$ha
12. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) – Enrique Eglesias
13. On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull
14. Coming Home – Diddy-Dirty Money Ft. Skylar Grey
15. Firework – Katy Perry
16. Get It Right – Glee Cast
17. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) – Pitbull Ft. T-Pain
18. Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj Ft. Drake
19. Jar Of Hearts – Christina Perri
20. More – Usher

The Billboard Hot 20

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  1. Born This Way – Lady Gaga
  2. F**k You (Forget You) – Cee Lo Green
  3. Grenade – Bruno Mars
  4. F**kin’ Perfect – Pink
  5. S&M – Rihanna
  6. Firework – Katy Perry
  7. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) – Enrique Eglesias
  8. E.T. – Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West
  9. On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez Ft. Pitbull
  10. I Need A Doctor – Dr. Dre Ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey
  11. Blow – Ke$ha
  12. Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears
  13. Rolling In The Deep – Adele
  14. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) – Pitbull Ft. T-Pain
  15. Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj Ft. Drake
  16. Rocketeer – Far*East Movement Ft. Ryan Tedder
  17. More – Usher
  18. Black And Yellow – Wiz Khalifa
  19. Coming Home – Diddy-Dirty Money Ft. Skylar Grey
  20. Down On Me – Jeremih Ft. 50 Cent

Come out to the Chicagoland Kid’s Expo to see Project Groove DJ’s very own DJ Mizza!!  She will be there on Saturday February 26th from 9a to 6pm at the stage.  Come check out the stage for some great entertainment for the kids as well as fun giveaways and prizes!  The Chicagoland Kid’s Expo will be at…

The Renaissance Convention Center
1551 Thoreau Dr.
Schaumburg, IL.


For more info about The Chicagoland Kid’s Expo check out their website at

  1. Tik Tok – Ke$ha
  2. Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
  3. Hey Soul Sister – Train
  4. California Gurls – Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg
  5. OMG – Usher ft.
  6. Airplanes – B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams
  7. Love The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna
  8. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
  9. Dynamite – Taio Cruz
  10. Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris
  11. Nothin On You – B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars
  12. I Like It – Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull
  13. Bedrock – Young Money ft. Lloyd
  14. In My Head – Jason Derulo
  15. Rude Boy – Rihanna
  16. Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
  17. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
  18. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  19. Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner
  20. Imma Be – The Black Eyed Peas

10 Questions To Help Ensure That You Are Hiring A Professional DJ!

1. How many years experience do you have?
It is very important to find out how many years of experience your DJ has prior to hiring them.  Many large companies boast about being in business for many years, but their DJs may only have limited experience.
2. Will I get to speak to or meet my DJ before my event?
I have seen it many times with larger Mobile DJ Companies, the clients do not get to meet or even speak to their DJ until the day of the event.  You should always be able to speak to your DJ prior to your event to determine if their personality and level of professionalism meets your expectations.
3. Do you have a back-up sound system?
Your at your event, everyone is dancing then POP, your DJ blows a speaker and they don’t have a back-up.  This is one rookie mistake that can ruin your special event.  Any truly professional DJ will have a full back-up system on hand to make sure that the music can keep on playing.
4. Can you provide references or testimonials?
Any well experienced DJ should have the testimonials of his or her previous customers to attest to their service and professionalism.  Don’t be afraid to ask and check them out.
5. Do you have insurance?
Why would your DJ need insurance?  Well if you or any of your guests should sustain any type of injury that was proven to be the fault or your DJ or your DJ’s equipment, the DJ’s insurance should help take care of any incurred medical expences.  A truly professional DJ is always prepared and will carry liablity insurance in case an unfortunate event such as this occurs.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of the DJ’s policy.
6. What type of equipment do you have?
You don’t need to know a lot about audio equipment to know if your DJ has a professional set up.  A professional DJ set up should have at least 2 quality speakers, a mixer, and either a dual channel CD player, laptop with DJ software, or turntables.  If your DJ only has an IPod and speakers, you should keep looking.
7. Are you interactive and do you encourage participation?
When most people hire a mobile DJ, they are looking for someone to entertain them and their guests.  Anyone calling themselves a DJ can stand behind a table and play music, but a truly professional mobile DJ will know how to interact with the audience and show your guests a good time.
8. Do you take requests?
The answer should always be yes!  The job of the DJ is to entertain you and your guests by playing the music that you want to hear, not just what the DJ wants to play.
9. What type of music do you have and is it event appropriate?
You hire a DJ for your middle school dance and the DJ plays an inappropriate song thinking that it was okay because the song was radio edited.  This is another rookie DJ mistake!  It is always the DJ’s responsibility to ensure that no inappropriate music is played while working an event.  Even though a song may be radio edited, a DJ still must make sure that the content is appropriate for the event.  No swear words doesn’t mean that the song is appropriate.
10. How much do your services cost?
Although this question is important, it should not be the main motivation for hiring a professional DJ. A professional DJ may charge anywhere from $100 to $200 an hour and sometimes more depending on the set up, level of experience and the amount of extras involved.  If a DJ’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is.


ERG Top 20 Songs

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  1. Only Girl (In The World) – Rihanna
  2. Just A Dream – Nelly
  3. Like A G6 – Far East Movement ft The Cataracs
  4. Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars
  5. Raise Your Glass – Pink
  6. DJ Got Us Falling In Love – Usher
  7. Animal – Neon Trees
  8. We R Who We R – Ke$ha
  9. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
  10. Firework – Katy Perry
  11. Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo-Rida ft David Guetta
  12. Bottoms Up – Trey Songs ft Nicki Minaj
  13. Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner
  14. Dynamite – Taio Cruz
  15. Love Like Whoa – The Ready Set
  16. What’s My Name – Rihanna ft Drake
  17. Grenade – Bruno Mars
  18. Shake – Jesse McCartney
  19. The Time (Dirty Bit) – Black Eyed Peas
  20. September – Daughtry
  1. Get Get Down – Paul Johnson
  2. Follow Me – Ally-Us
  3. House Of God – DHS
  4. U Got Me Up (Underground Goodies Mix) – Cajmere
  5. Music Is The Answer – Danny Tenaglia
  6. Perculator – Cajmere
  7. Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust
  8. U Don’t Know Me – Armand Van Helden
  9. The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) – Bucketheads
  10. Push The Feeling On – Nightcrawlers
  1. Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant
  2. Pump Up The Volume – M/A/R/R/S
  3. Don’t Stop The Rock – Freestyle
  4. Let The Music Play – Shannon
  5. Let’s Hear It For The Boy – Deniece Williams
  6. Good Life – Inner City
  7. I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz
  8. Situation – Yaz
  9. Big Fun – Inner City
  10. White Horse – Laid Back

DJ’s Tip of the Month

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As we delve further into the age of technology, more and more Mobile DJs are turning to playing digital versons of songs instead of CDs.  For some reason, there is a big misconception that any DJ who uses digital songs instead of CDs will have poor sound quality.  So I wanted to give you some of the facts about DJing with digital song formats in hopes that it will make you feel more at ease when your DJ says that he or she prefers digital.

So why do DJs prefer digital?  Well it’s simple, you can fit a lot more music on an external hardrive than you can into a CD case and it’s a lot easier to carry too!  When it comes to DJing it truly is all about the music.  When going digital, you can bring 100,000 plus songs to every single event and feel confident that you are going to have the music that your clients and their guests want to hear. Also, it is much more efficient to type and search for song requests versus flipping through pages and pages of CDs for the right song.

What about sound quality?  Well that’s a good question and I will try to answer without getting too technical.  Not all digital downloads are created equal, the quality depends on the bitrate that they were downloaded in.  When you put in a CD to copy a song or download a song, you can choose the bitrate (usually 128kbps, 196kbps, 256kbps or 320kbps).  The higher the bitrate, the less compressed the song will be and the better it will sound.  The only downside to this is that the file size will be larger which means you fit less songs on your hard drive or mp3 player.  Most, if not all digital download sites for DJs offer songs in 320kbps which is the highest quality available.  These songs are usually slightly more expensive, but any top notch DJ will not think twice about paying for quality.  Songs that are in 128kbps are perfectly fine for listening in your car or on your mp3 player, but when amplified through a loudspeaker (like what DJs do) you can often hear tiny glitches in the song from being compressed.

So what does all of this technical mumbo jumbo mean?  Well, a truly professional digital DJ should only use digital format songs that are of the highest quality to ensure that they sound crisp and clear when amplified through their sound system. It is best if you ask questions about your potential DJ’s song library and make sure that they are only using the highest quality digital songs (320kbps) like we here at Project Groove DJs do!  When your DJ has a high quality digital song library, then there is no need to fear the digital DJ!