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DJ Mizza’s Tip Of The Month

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10 Questions To Help Ensure That You Are Hiring A Professional DJ!

1. How many years experience do you have?
It is very important to find out how many years of experience your DJ has prior to hiring them.  Many large companies boast about being in business for many years, but their DJs may only have limited experience.
2. Will I get to speak to or meet my DJ before my event?
I have seen it many times with larger Mobile DJ Companies, the clients do not get to meet or even speak to their DJ until the day of the event.  You should always be able to speak to your DJ prior to your event to determine if their personality and level of professionalism meets your expectations.
3. Do you have a back-up sound system?
Your at your event, everyone is dancing then POP, your DJ blows a speaker and they don’t have a back-up.  This is one rookie mistake that can ruin your special event.  Any truly professional DJ will have a full back-up system on hand to make sure that the music can keep on playing.
4. Can you provide references or testimonials?
Any well experienced DJ should have the testimonials of his or her previous customers to attest to their service and professionalism.  Don’t be afraid to ask and check them out.
5. Do you have insurance?
Why would your DJ need insurance?  Well if you or any of your guests should sustain any type of injury that was proven to be the fault or your DJ or your DJ’s equipment, the DJ’s insurance should help take care of any incurred medical expences.  A truly professional DJ is always prepared and will carry liablity insurance in case an unfortunate event such as this occurs.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of the DJ’s policy.
6. What type of equipment do you have?
You don’t need to know a lot about audio equipment to know if your DJ has a professional set up.  A professional DJ set up should have at least 2 quality speakers, a mixer, and either a dual channel CD player, laptop with DJ software, or turntables.  If your DJ only has an IPod and speakers, you should keep looking.
7. Are you interactive and do you encourage participation?
When most people hire a mobile DJ, they are looking for someone to entertain them and their guests.  Anyone calling themselves a DJ can stand behind a table and play music, but a truly professional mobile DJ will know how to interact with the audience and show your guests a good time.
8. Do you take requests?
The answer should always be yes!  The job of the DJ is to entertain you and your guests by playing the music that you want to hear, not just what the DJ wants to play.
9. What type of music do you have and is it event appropriate?
You hire a DJ for your middle school dance and the DJ plays an inappropriate song thinking that it was okay because the song was radio edited.  This is another rookie DJ mistake!  It is always the DJ’s responsibility to ensure that no inappropriate music is played while working an event.  Even though a song may be radio edited, a DJ still must make sure that the content is appropriate for the event.  No swear words doesn’t mean that the song is appropriate.
10. How much do your services cost?
Although this question is important, it should not be the main motivation for hiring a professional DJ. A professional DJ may charge anywhere from $100 to $200 an hour and sometimes more depending on the set up, level of experience and the amount of extras involved.  If a DJ’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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