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DJ’s Tip of the Month

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As we delve further into the age of technology, more and more Mobile DJs are turning to playing digital versons of songs instead of CDs.  For some reason, there is a big misconception that any DJ who uses digital songs instead of CDs will have poor sound quality.  So I wanted to give you some of the facts about DJing with digital song formats in hopes that it will make you feel more at ease when your DJ says that he or she prefers digital.

So why do DJs prefer digital?  Well it’s simple, you can fit a lot more music on an external hardrive than you can into a CD case and it’s a lot easier to carry too!  When it comes to DJing it truly is all about the music.  When going digital, you can bring 100,000 plus songs to every single event and feel confident that you are going to have the music that your clients and their guests want to hear. Also, it is much more efficient to type and search for song requests versus flipping through pages and pages of CDs for the right song.

What about sound quality?  Well that’s a good question and I will try to answer without getting too technical.  Not all digital downloads are created equal, the quality depends on the bitrate that they were downloaded in.  When you put in a CD to copy a song or download a song, you can choose the bitrate (usually 128kbps, 196kbps, 256kbps or 320kbps).  The higher the bitrate, the less compressed the song will be and the better it will sound.  The only downside to this is that the file size will be larger which means you fit less songs on your hard drive or mp3 player.  Most, if not all digital download sites for DJs offer songs in 320kbps which is the highest quality available.  These songs are usually slightly more expensive, but any top notch DJ will not think twice about paying for quality.  Songs that are in 128kbps are perfectly fine for listening in your car or on your mp3 player, but when amplified through a loudspeaker (like what DJs do) you can often hear tiny glitches in the song from being compressed.

So what does all of this technical mumbo jumbo mean?  Well, a truly professional digital DJ should only use digital format songs that are of the highest quality to ensure that they sound crisp and clear when amplified through their sound system. It is best if you ask questions about your potential DJ’s song library and make sure that they are only using the highest quality digital songs (320kbps) like we here at Project Groove DJs do!  When your DJ has a high quality digital song library, then there is no need to fear the digital DJ!

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